Monster Vaccine

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Halloween is coming up! Give the monsters their vaccinations so they can be healthy for the big day!

Space to navigate menus, and the fire. Shift to jump.

Your vaccines are limited!! If you run out, wait a second and they will refill (you gain one per second, and can hold a maximum of 3).

Grab the vitamin D capsule for maximum dumb-bomb action!!


Zombie - 100 pts
Frankenstein's Monster - 250 pts
The Creature from the Black Lagoon - 500 pts
Dracula - 1,000 pts!!!

Based on this true article:

Thanks to Nowhere Girl for inspiration, and GreyGriffin for music recommendations

Made For: 
An event


I'm surprised this one went unnoticed

I had a lot of fun with this one because I like meggerman, and I like sidescroller rpg things with monsters and the occult. It's most fun in them games. This has the charm of both. Dracula gives 1000 points for a reason, it's so hard to hit him.. I got it with the giant vaccine like once. Anyway this idea feels kinda originalish and probably is. Those that can handle all the tweaks in a single frame I think it's admirable. This does come with a title screen and I believe an instructions frame as well, so he did take hte time to make directions not just here which seasoned veterans of playing other people's games know to check the description to know what to do, but was prepared just in case the file flew off to elsewhere land.