Progress in animation (ZSBK)

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I've been beavering away at this for the past few days which explains the week or so between updates.

If cabinets and snapman can impress us with their groundbreaking engine manipulation then I guess I will have to impress through animation.

Beholden to my combo animation concept (which looks funny as she's walking on the spot and there's nothing in the background);

The next thing I will have to do is implement it in a way that positions the player at the coordinates of the final frame of each individual sword swipe so that it won't look like it's instantaneously jumping back to where the animation started. It wouldn't be too bad for the first swipe since the sprite only steps forward a few pixels but for subsequent swipes it's going to look damn amateurish and I'd like to have an air of above-amateurish around this game. Also have to adjust the speed of the animations depending on the frames since there's a bit of that in the gif. Not forgetting fixing inputs so you won't be constantly attacking whilst you hold down the attack key, I'd like some modicum of timing in there.


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Very impressive! I'm

Very impressive! I'm reminded of that C64 animation site somebody linked to here earlier.
The first few times I watched this, I had forgotten about the pink scarf, and kept wondering why her other arm was moving way out behind her. But a few loops later it made sense. What are you using to animate these?

As for moving the sprite, you could test direction and "has animation ended" to reposition it. But I'm sure you've got it covered!

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If you mistook the scarf for

If you mistook the scarf for the arm I could darken it a tad. I might do that anyway, it blends in with the skin tone a bit too much. As for animating sprites I am using the shareware author's friend Paint Shop Pro, version 5.01 to be specific.

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she has peg legs?

she has peg legs?

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She started off like the

She started off like the rest of my smaller, retro sprites (like the ones in my games with the zombies, Protal and that one I did for Christmas) but since she's much taller I fattened out her thighs because I like that but decided to keep the legs as sticks so I can pass it off as an art 'style'. Poor girl and her bound feet, I should really draw some feet on to give her stilettos.

Or you can just pretend she's a pirate.

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Hrrrm I think it's the

I think it's the combination of the skinnyness, plus the yellow. if they were flesh colored rather than tights or whatever?

plus, right, yeah, feet.