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A short game about phobias. Didn't finish it in the two hours, so I spent a little time this week finishing it up properly. Based on the children’s game “Would you rather?”.

Play it here:

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This game really gets to me, for some reason. Creepy as fuck. Well done.

The reason the site requires file uploads is largely because I worry about linkrot. During the first year of the site a lot of people would just upload their games to whatever random hosting provider, and games were lost. I don't claim ownership of people's games (which is something that should probably be written down more clearly somewhere), but I do have a strong commitment to preserving them.

That said, I'm happy to have your participation and totally respect your desire to not host your games here, so I'll look into making it so you can either provide a file upload or a link when you post a game.

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Er, sorry, didn't mean that

Er, sorry, didn't mean that to sound aggressive :( It's just a little annoying if you're posting a link to a flash game or something to have to upload something. It should be optional! Totally understand your reasoning about link rot, and I've no problems with having stuff hosted here.

Glad this game worked for you :) I'm pretty happy with how it turned out - glad I took a bit of extra time to do it properly too. Hopefully next month I can actually finish something in the two hours, though!

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No offense taken, I assure

No offense taken, I assure you! The filename just made me realize that this is a problem that could maybe use a little attention. All criticism towards the site is welcome and appreciated.

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This was pretty creepy! It

This was pretty creepy! It got a little repetitive though.