TGF2 for Newgrounds

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Go fetch!

It's a free version of The Games Factory 2, the rub being that it only exports .swf files to Newgrounds.

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Wow, that's a really weird

Wow, that's a really weird development.
Maybe I should set up a newgrounds account, and port all my KnP trainwrecks over. That could be a fun waste of time.

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Pretty cool! I gave it a go

Pretty cool! I gave it a go with one of my Pirate Kart games.

Pity about all the ads it shows before the game. The sell-out look doesn't go very well with the pretentious art game look...

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Oh, wow. It's gone...

Oh, wow. It's gone...

Apparently if it doesn't get a good rating within a really short time after submission, it's automatically deleted off the site? =(

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"At the time of removal,

"At the time of removal, your submission had accumulated a score of 1.59/5.00, with 200 votes being cast."

D: My first ever Newgrounds submission, gone. I spent like 30 minutes on that conversion! Mainly due to massive issues with having to use the built-in MP3 transcoder.

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Oh man according to the FAQ

Oh man according to the FAQ a 1.60/5.00 score would've kept you around forever. That's literally just two guys deciding to vote one point higher.

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For real? :( With a tagline

For real? :(
With a tagline of "Everything. By Everyone" you wouldn't think they'd do that.

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Let's Flood Newgrounds with Trainwrecks!

Uploaded The Trail, my silly demake of Tale of Tales' The Path.
Also added Don't Flub Your Line.

It's really irritating that this version of TGF2 can't use MIDI or OGGs... I had to import the midis I used into ModPlug Tracker, convert them into giant wav files, import them into TGF2, and let TGF2 compress them into MP3s. =p

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aww man

if it hadnt been for that music brundlefuck i would've been all over this

maybe ill still be over this some but without kickass midis and sometimes some wav musics

also time to make new kotm events already?

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man fuck that ill definitely

man fuck that ill definitely try converting kung fu 2 at some point and when it comes out and if 2 gets to stay there im gonna put the third one there too

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Ooooor you could just use

Ooooor you could just use Timidity++ and render the MIDIs that way using a good soundfont.

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Choosing between Maverick Desert Bus, Skeletonhead's Super Spooky Adventure, and Hold Right To Make A Metaphor Unfold as my first game to go up

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Voted 5

Voted 5.

I think the Newgrounds community is going to get very, very upset about this turn of events. I expect 90% of games uploaded through this system will be summarily blammed by week's end.

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Phew, just made it out of

Phew, just made it out of judgment by the skin of its teeth with a 1.63 rating!

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Massive Plans!

Coming soon to Newgrounds:

Candy Alchemist
Historically Accurate Allergic Barbarian Adventure!
Piggy Patience
Opposite of Up
Reverser Too: The Timebeard Chronicles
Indirect Invaders
Lemmings Force
Berry Command

I found an online midi-to-wav converter. This is gonna be INTENSE.

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You found an online

You found an online midi-to-wav converter that you NEGLECTED TO LINK, you mean

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It's a really spammy looking site, but here it is anyway (engage your adblock!)

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Holy crap

Finally home to test this, and that midi to wav converter actually works! Sent it a 70k midi file, and got back a 20mb wav!

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MIDI to WAV instrument sets

This things seems to be most accurate when I use 'instrument set 11 - RealFont 2.1'

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Process is as follows:

1: Redownload all my games so I don't have to set up a work folder structure.
2: Delete all .exe and .dll from the set.
3: Run knpextract on each folder to get the MIDI
4: Upload each to the MIDI to WAV converter
5: Open each game in TGF to add back in music
6: Test and fix where KnP-specific weirdness doesn't work anymore (objects leaving the play area, object pairing, etc)
7: Upload to NG and drown in angry comments.



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Just uploaded Mr. Destiny's

Just uploaded Mr. Destiny's Adventure. It will probably be blammed for "bugs."

Edit: Also put up Hackworth's Last Kick, an old LD48 entry.

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processing continues

Wasted some time this evening converting all the ripped midi from my most functional trainwrecks for the porting process. I'm excited to see how a gigantic pile of 2-3.5 hour KnP games are received by the Newgrounds public.

The games with repositioning of racecar movement objects had some serious trouble when loaded into TGF2. My Lemmings Command spaceship bounced wildly around the screen, rotating to directions it wasn't even moving in. Pretty exciting. Might just distill that madness for use as a game mechanic.

Hoping to see BABY KICKER PRO and oh shit pac man is hungry posted there someday.
If only to see the comments they get...

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Wow, nobody on Newgrounds

Wow, nobody on Newgrounds understands ironic humor.

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this in itself is ironic.

this in itself is ironic. given what's on there.

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Holy crap I come back to

Holy crap I come back to find THIS this is awesome.

Okay, now my goal in life is clear. Actually, I'm trying to come up with a joke here without resorting to absurdist humor, but it's not working, so let's just say that I am going to be using this to make a trainwreck this month, which will be especially wrecktacular since I don't know how to use it. Cool.

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I suppose it's a free

I suppose it's a free alternative to the rather pricey SWF exporter. The only problem was that it rather helpfully corruped my full install of TGF2. I might get around to installing it on a virtual PC...

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Castlevania 10 is on Newgrounds

So Castlevania 10 is up

I'm not sure the MIDI converting, and MP3 compressing to get it under 10 meg was worth it, but I'm curious to give this Version of TGF2 another shot with a more appropriate game.

I favourited the acccounts of you guys that I could.

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You can't shoot your sword

You can't shoot your sword up or climb screen edges in the Flash version, which I think makes the skeleton boss impossible.
Also, I didn't see the "castle" line on the last screen, and it just cut to black after a few moments. Otherwise, awesome!

Edit: My copy of KNP freezes a bit with every SFX, so it was gloriously smooth to just hold down attack and run through screens for the first time.

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Actually you can climb up the laser barrier thing. I had never thought to do that before this version. Turns out you can jump the barrier this way too.
I couldn't be bothered fixing the text, though D:

I love the reviews I've got so far:

''Broken as hell' / Practice, practice, practice.'

''realy [sic] buggy' / you need to put the speed of your projectiles up, fix the cliping the enemies walk through the air when they go off platforms, and make bigger levels and i think you could have a decent game.'

''Bugs.' / Every time you use your sword, there appears a "Flying sword" that moves slowly trough the map.'

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More reviews are in!

''Fail' / Don't insult the Castlevania License plz...'

''sad face' / as a fan of castlevania, i was most disapoint


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Oh, wow. They're going to

Oh, wow. They're going to resort to Internet memes and they still don't understand the irony behind the game?

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Newgrounds takes everything

Newgrounds takes everything at face value. Everything.

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Thinking, and Newgrounds.

I don't think there is any irony in my game. I think their problem here is their narrow view of how a game should function. There's a lot of abstraction in a 2D game, and it's interesting to read their opinions and try to figure out where they draw their lines, and why. I guess their interpretations rely mostly on habit. I've been playing a few Newgrounds things (I used to have no tolerance for Flash games) and they're mostly built the same.

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It has 200+ votes... that

It has 200+ votes... that means it's safe from being blammed, right?

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lol epic shit i loled at

lol epic shit

i loled at the replies whiny NG kids wrote. the "practice practice practice" one was the best

im all for spamming newgrounds.

also shame that sergios first submission got blammed. you should have plugged it here so we could have all voted 5 for it, dude.

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So I tried booting up TGF4NG a few days ago, and it alerted me that it had "expired". I checked online, and the download was still available, so I grabbed a fresh copy and installed it over the expired version. I was able to run the program again, so I exported Circus Galop, and tested it in the dumping area on Newgrounds. After the advertizement, the screen just goes white. I'll try exporting some other games too, but for now it looks like this doesn't work anymore. I don't know yet if it's because of the game I tried to export or because I installed it over an expired version, or having initially loaded the page with an adblocker, or what. Anybody have a similar experience?

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I installed over an expired

I installed over an expired version during Pirate Kart V development and faced the same issue. I think games don't play on the dumping area any more, you have to start a project.

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project pages

Ah, that did the trick. Would have been nice if they warned you about that anywhere. Thanks!