Tower of Hanoi 64-Ring Apocalypse Edition

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Nearly every Tower of Hanoi simulation in this world is puny and weak, and only simulates THREE TO FIVE rings to move. This, in stark contrast, is the TRUE CANONICAL Tower of Hanoi puzzle, with SIXTY-FOUR rings to move, step by step, peg by peg! And, when this hallowed and sacred puzzle is brought to completion, it is said that the ENTIRE UNIVERSE will CEASE TO EXIST. Now you can have the harbinger of all undoing on your miniscule hard drive!

And, as an added feature that almost none of our competitors can boast, this simulation will AUTOMATICALLY SOLVE this puzzle in the fastest manner possible! No human interaction is needed, for any move would surely be less optimal than that chosen by this perfect algorithm! Sit back in reverent awe and terror as the end of all things is brought ever closer before your tear-filled eyes!

A helpful counter is also provided to tally each move as it is made.

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sergiocornaga's picture

I've left it open, but I

I've left it open, but I don't think I will ever see it finish. Apocalypse indeed!

ZZT-X's picture

I left this on overnight for

I left this on overnight for kicks 'n' giggles - 27 million+ moves in, and it's still got a looooong way to go.