Caevstroy sucks part 2 of 15

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AHOY THARR! Kill the knytts before you get itchy scalp syndrome! Starring Jesus as an ill mannered television herder!

featuring juni but made in KNP - don't try to drop it into knytt installer you fool!

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GT Saturday Specials: Knytt Stories


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Someone other than rhetoric stu writes:

"Dear rhetoric stu

This is the greatest work ever accomplished. It is your opus magnus.

I believe that your message of "caevstroy sux" should be proclaimed hither an yon, from the belltowers, across the streets, and shrieked loudly by sopranos into the ears of very small children.

I cannot wait for parts 3 to 15

- Someone else"

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That was a pretty great

That was a pretty great experience.

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And now a message from the Church of Latter Day Saints

Title screen is my favorite part, probably because of the obscure simpsons reference.

Is there a way to win the last part? Or kill the clones?

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There isn't, perhaps i should have made that clear