Memory Improved

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This is an improvement of the classic solitaire matching game, Memory. Whereas in the original you could only reveal one card at a time, this game lets you see the 8 cards surrounding the card you chose. Also, the victory condition is now considerably less tedious than in the original, which required all of the cards to be matched. Instead, matching cards gradually reveals a password hidden beneath the playing field. Enter the password as soon as you can see what it is, and you've won the round. Faster games, with less needless and aimless clicking, is Memory Improved's promise.

"Diddled Bits" font by Anne Thoreau P.

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That was off the chain CJ WOO!

People don't know what they missed out on when they overlooked this little piece of history. It's so quaint, so ... well, I'm not gonna say simple. I know there's gotta be some tricks and gimmicks to making an alternative memory game that is entertaining that doesn't show shock images or skin. I think this would even do good on conventional portals left as is. There is definitely some innovation here and I don't feel like I'm spoiling everything because it's all put here in the description. It just hasn't been, experienced.. This is port worthy and version revision worthy. Tell your friends woo!