Detective Clean

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yeah that screenshot has nothing to do with anything

play here: (html/javascript)

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An event


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Wait why did douche keep

Wait why did douche keep changing gender pronouns.

otherwise great social commentary on the roles we assign ourselves due to our image five stars

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I'd also like an answer to

I'd also like an answer to this.

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Wait why did douche keep

double posted damnit

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"Douche seems a bit hurt.

"Douche seems a bit hurt. You don't give a damn. You're Detective Clean."
This game is a masterpiece. I only wish it was longer.

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A puzzle based on a

A puzzle based on a character who is only able to think clearly in the shower? Clever.

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fun detective parody

I really liked this part of it, it felt really real to me. A lot of my best thoughts happen in the shower!

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The name drew me in

I have to even take back some comments about the medium i said in the past due to this one. Talk about an original concept. How do you comment on this without giving spoilers? Well, not for the squeamish I guess. And though you can find more shock in awe elsewhere, it isn't exactly vanilla, I guess the screenshot is a sign of a cautionary tale itself.