Klik & Activities: Santa's Workshop

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With this INTERACTIVE program, members of the whole family can come and enjoy working at Santa's workshop, wrapping presents with Santa's amazing gizmos! Does not involve The Grinch in any way, shape or form!

Does not involve The Grinch!
Does not involve The Grinch!
Oh hell, I lied. It does involve The Grinch.

Features multiple endings based on moral decisions!

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An event


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this is an unhailed chistmas

this is an unhailed chistmas miracle


This is serious work here. I think the pacing was done super well, the cinematics are superior, the scrolling is top notch, and the use of materials is unmatched. Resolution's nice an HUUGE, and yeah I was going back and checking out THIS event and I saw this one pop up, but I'm glad I was able to go back and play it now. 3 cheers congratulations on a 2010 well done. It's aged quite well to boot. -bee