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Apologies to cactus.

Arrows: Move
Shift: Boost
Hold Ctrl: Attract boss pieces
Hold Ctrl, press Shift: Shoot attracted boss pieces
Release Ctrl: Shoot all boss pieces at once

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An event


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Ported to Flash:

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Huh, I got confused while

Huh, I got confused while playing this in The Games Factory (1). I assumed the game was broken when I played it because of issues related to importing Klik & Play games. I couldn't figure out how to create the pieces because I thought pressing Control would spawn them out of thin air. Now that I've played the web version I know that this isn't an issue with importing and more an issue with lack of instructions.

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Yeah, I picked a really

Yeah, I picked a really unintuitive mechanic to copy and skimped on the instructions for the first version. Definitely helps to make the intended play actions as explicit as possible, and "debris" is a much better term than "boss pieces." There's also no good feedback for when you're holding down control but there aren't any pieces nearby (particle effects going in towards the player might be useful?).

It's also entirely possible to complete the game by dashing and without attracting/shooting. It's just much harder.

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Secondary objectives! I'm

Secondary objectives! I'm someone who likes secondary objectiveness!

Complete the game using only dashing? I'm on it.

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Aaand done. While dashing

Aaand done.

While dashing to destroy the pieces doesn't require you to do it from below (unlike shooting), it comes with its own challenges. I wouldn't necessarily say either method of play is more difficult.

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this is pretty amazing for

this is pretty amazing for two hours. I am loving it!

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Thanks! Full disclosure, I


Full disclosure, I went quite a bit over two hours. More like 6 for the KNP version, and 2-4 more for the Flash conversion.

Granted, about 3 of those hours was an aborted attempt to get generic circular rotation to work in KNP. Tried and failed to get trigonometric Taylor Series working through temporary counter variables, then hard-coded 32-entry tables for sin/cos, then said screw it and dropped rotating pieces.

We need more games

where you can hold down control to attract "boss pieces" +1 if you agree.. Thankfully this site doesn't implement that here... I can't stand it when people use that to attract votes.. So disregard that... And vote for this if there's a way to vote for it, which I guess there isn't... not YET... so leave a comment? Try that.



Considering I actually played the game this time around, I'd have to say I rather enjoyed it. I left a more thorough analysis on the newgrounds link but I'd have to say it hit close to home and I had a lot of fun playing it.