Spam filter sucks

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I swear, you need to ditch this spam filter because time after time my posts have been falsely marked as spam.

It made three false detections in a row and now thinks I'm a spammer, thus I'm being blocked from posting new content.

You might as well ditch that bullshit.

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A comment I wrote at your

A comment I wrote at your new game got flagged, too. I'm not sure for why. Perhaps filtering could be turned off after a user has made a certain number of posts, or already submitted a game, or something.

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I certainly wish my antispam

I certainly wish my antispam module understood how spam on webpages actually works (ie, it should be largely account-based rather than post-based, and there should be buttons that say "Let this user post freely forever" and "Delete this user and everything they've posted" -- obviously some allowances should also be made for spam posted from hacked accounts of legitimate users, but this is a hopelessly rare case and can probably be dealt with using traditional administrative means). I'm not aware of a better system for Drupal at this time, but there certainly ought to be one.

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience. I may attempt to add a stopgap that allows me to mark individual users manually as immune to the spam filter, which I believe should be possible fairly simply.

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It's fine.

It's actually wasn't so inconvenient, and I feel a bit silly about my comment. It hasn't taken the post long to be approved--though it is a shame you have to waste time doing that.

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Spam filter replaced! I've

Spam filter replaced! I've switched to using I'll be keeping my eye out for blocked messages, but if you're having trouble posting, please email me! jeremy at this domain.

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it still detects everything as spam, but atleast i can post shit now.

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What do you mean by "detects

What do you mean by "detects everything as spam"? Are you getting captchas?

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:( Sorry! I'll keep an eye


Sorry! I'll keep an eye on the stats to make sure it's not too intrusive on a regular basis. If it stays bad, I'll find a way to work around it for people.

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I have hacked my Mollom

I have hacked my Mollom installation to treat posts that is unsure about as "good", rather than "needs CAPTCHA". Since the spambots have already had to bypass one CAPTCHA in order to sign up, I am unconvinced that more CAPTCHAs will lead to all that much less spam.

Send me a PM if I've accidentally broken posting for you.

EDIT: I just did a test by signing up a new user with a shady mailinator email address posting shady (broken) links, and my hack does appear to work; Mollom was unsure, but the post went through anyway.