Planned: Not a Romantic Comedy II: (Not) Comedy Harder

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I want to make a sequel to Not a Romantic Comedy.

This time, I wanna implement the full range of objects from Chip's Challenge. So it'll be sort of like playing an action-oriented Chip's Challenge, except on steroids.

In addition to the standard set of tiles, items, etc., I plan to include stuff like this.


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Sounds good. Although

Sounds good. Although instead of using the giant 1280x800 window, it would be rather snazzy if you were to use a smaller window and introduce scrolling, as I had to fiddle around with my monitor setup to play the original.

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But but but It's Glorious

But but but

It's Glorious H-Deeeeee!

I'll consider other resolutions. Actually, I wanna see if I can make it variable resolution.