The Wrong Controls.

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As mentioned in the comments for Plarform RC I've been contemplating a series of games based round the wrong Klik & Play movement options.

I really like games with awkward controls, or controls that take some learning. A lot of old games seem to work like this, but for some reason mastering their control is approached as a part of mastering the game, rather than as a deficiency in their design.

This post is to get the ball rolling, the mind ticking, and to be somewhere to dump ideas.


  1. A single-screen racer with eight directions movement.
  2. A platformer with path movement. (interacting by changing speed to avoid moving hazards (enemies, gates, etc)
  3. A shooter with race car movement.
  4. A breakanoid with race car movement.
  5. A point-and-click adventure game with platform movement for the cursor.
  6. A Joust clone with race car movement.
  7. A maze game with bouncing ball movement.

Probably any genre with RC movement will work.

You are most welcome to make suggestions, or use the idea yourself, like EffBee's ace Pretend You're Platforming. I doubt I'm the first to come up with it!


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point and click with

point and click with platform movements somehow reminded me of playing lemmings when i was a kid

q/a for up/down, o/p for left/right, and i don't think i knew about the hotkeys back then.

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I remember a friend being

I remember a friend being amazed that I beat the 'whack-a-mole' bit in Sam and Max with a keyboard. I was never much good at getting my mouse to work with that game. Lemmings with a keyboard and no shortcuts must have been awful! How far did you get that way?

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i don't think it caused any

i don't think it caused any problems on the gameplay itself, it was just really annoying to control (i think i got to mayhem and then it got just too hard anyway)

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Shooter with Race Car

Shooter with Race Car controls = Asteroids. Just sayin'...

I would love to see the Point & Click with Platform Controls! =D

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Depends on the direction

Depends on the direction you're shooting. If it's not related to your facing direction it'd be more like a tank shooter.

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Too right. But I guess I would be structuring it like a scrolling shooter, with waves of enemies. Authentic Celestial Shiv is sorta this already, without the shooting.

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Perhaps this could be the

Perhaps this could be the theme for the next Themed Trainwreck Somedays?

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The Light Cycles games

The Light Cycles games people could make with eight-directional movement...