Doodle Crap

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The makers of Doodle Jump are threatening lawsuits against App Store developers who dare use the word "Doodle" to name their games. And a few critics have compared the main character of Doodle Jump to Q-Bert. Ergo... this.

I originally made this for a topic TheDustin made trying to encourage TIGSource forumgoers to pick up KNP, but it was locked by the time I got this far. =(

Quick one hour prototype. No scoring and the randomly generated levels are horribly unfair and impossible, but I don't think I care anymore.

DoodleKNP.zip617.5 KB


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Cue BLAST.WAV - I was going

Cue BLAST.WAV - I was going to have a stab at making a Doodle Jump clone but you beat me to it. Anyway, I love this.

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Go for it! This thing in no

Go for it! This thing in no way invalidates what you would have done!

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Good thing Glorious

Good thing Glorious Trainwrecks isn't the App Store!