The Glorious Trainwrecks iCalendar

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This is so cool! Has anyone else noticed this feature on the site?

Under the "Upcoming events" header on the side panel, just above the "More" link, there's an icon that links to a live-updated .ics file. If you have a PIM/calendar program supporting .ics, you can add it as a remote calendar file that regularly updates itself to include new events on the site. I currently have it working inside Kontact + KOrganizer as a remote file calendar (which utilizes KIOslave to periodically download updates from the site).

I now have Klik of the Month Klub (and Ladies' Auxiliary) integrated within my calendar view, so it sits in there along with my personal calendar items (daily schedule, agenda tasks, etc) as well as another remote calendar (for KDE SC release schedules), all of which I can toggle on and off at my leisure.

I get to see new events once they are made and how they fit in with the rest of my schedule.

Is this not totally rhinoceros?

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Caveat: Clicking the icon


Clicking the icon will probably cause your browser to download the file to your local system, which will prevent you from getting automatic event updates.

The trick is to open up your PIM/calendar program and go add a new calendar. You should see an option to specify a calendar in a remote file. In the field that asks for the location of the remote file, enter into the field. You should also probably mark the calendar as read-only. I'm not sure how other clients work (EG. if you're using Outlook or iCal), but that's how to do it using KOrganizer.