Hyperspace Delivery Boy

Hyperspace Delivery Boy, by Monkeystone Games, is something of a glorious trainwreck. Starring a young boy named Guy Carrington (whom I have lovingly decided to nickname "Fetchy McQuest"), you must navigate through the cargo bay of a spaceship, the catwalks of an alien dungeon, box pushing challenges, and, if I'm not mistaken, occasional graphics ripped from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Prepare your ears for an onslaught of catchy nonsensical phrases voiced by tremendously amateur actors, as well as the wonderfully out of place squawking of a chicken. All this and more on your quest to find and give people the things that they want!

Now, taken out of context, Hyperspace Delivery Boy isn't really that glorious of a trainwreck -- it seems much more like the usual kind of derailing that happens in high schools and colleges around the globe. However, if you happen to take a peek at the names of the all-star cast behind it, the gloriousness becomes readily apparent. Oh how the mighty have fallen (or at least stumbled a bit a few years ago).

Unfortunately only the demo seems to be available; attempting to take the steps necessary to acquire the full game leads one to a website of questionable taste.