Commercial trainwrecks ahoy! It's Phoenix Games and Myth Makers!

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In this world, we come across many pieces of unplayable tripe that the companies that sell it try to pass off as games. Some of it is laughable, and some of it is just bad. But you haven't played a B-game until you've played a Phoenix Games or Myth Makers game. These games, often sold as low as three dollars each to unsuspecting players looking for a good time, are the unsung classics of B-gaming. These are so laughably awful, you'll be in stitches just minutes after you put the game in. In-game videos of these freaks of nature are available at this man's Youtube account. Share and enjoy. ;)

Those horrible, horrible

Those horrible, horrible videos on that YouTube account actually comprise the bulk of the content of the games they are from. Those games also have some tacked-on minigames featuring pictures based upon the cartoons. Apart from those graphics, the games are the same from title to title. Those games aren't the only ones made by Phoenix Games, but they're the most reviled.

Those terrible cartoons are actually dubbed versions of cartoons made by the terrible German company Dingo Pictures. There's trailers (in German) of the original undubbed versions of their films.

Edit: I just remembered that Phoenix Games weren't the first to make games out of Dingo Pictures' cartoons. I think Midas Interactive Entertainment made a bunch of games using those cartoons (and also featuring tacked-on minigames) for the original Playstation. I just messaged the guy with the YouTube account about this.

He just replied, saying that

He just replied, saying that he was already looking for those PS1 games and that he'd be interested in my sending him a full list. I directed him to this page, which contains all the games ever made by the people behind those crappy cartoon games, The Code Monkeys.