Killer Glasses from outta space

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18 MB? holy fucking crap. i am terribly sorry for this big ass file size. if i knew how to code flash games this would definitely be smaller but oh well. it isnt worth it at all but feel free downloading it if you dont have anything better to do anyways.

oh yeh about the game: glasses are attacking the city. the mayor has asked you to get rid of them. thats the whole story. exciting i know.

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An event
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Very cool voice acting

Very cool voice acting there! Also I did succeed on the 3rd try. I'm like some kind of super-gamer. Hilarious effort!

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Fixed the issues. Uploading

Fixed the issues. Uploading as .mfa source.

I'd really like to know why you are using repeating conditions + "Only one action when event loops" when there are non-repeating conditions that do what you want and are even listed higher up than the repeating condition you are using.

Aside from that, awesome game, and great use of the animated GIFs used to advertise the event.

monster ball-fix.mfa_.zip17.43 MB
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haha this is so weird. i

haha this is so weird. i come home from work and the first thing i do is replace the event to: "Collision between" what I did A LOT OF TIMES before and guess what all of a sudden it is working now.

i claim a reboot fixed the issues my computer was having anyways because let's face it. there are only TWO options for overlapping objects. collision between or overlapping.

So I have just checked your mfa and of course it works. thanks a lot man for clearing all that. its very helpful so rock on.
also i guess a good way in order to test stuff is just: end application. mmf won't jump to frames and do anything but it will always end the app so you can just test your frame.

I am glad you liked the game :)

I want more events with graphics and crap we ALL have to use. It would be interesting to see what everybody does with the same clip arts- it would be a weird outcome for sure.

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Just an FYI, you also left a

Just an FYI, you also left a "timer equals 1 second" event in there that goes to the next frame while you were having issues with Run Frame (which, by design, does not allow changes to other frames - you need to use Run Application instead).

Also, the conditions relating to leaving the screen from different sides only work reliably if the movement is done entirely using the built-in. You're manually repositioning the player three pixels to the right each frame, which will cause the condition to sometimes fail. I fixed this by testing X position in relation to the frame width.

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"I want more events with

"I want more events with graphics and crap we ALL have to use."

It is done.