Klipart Konundrum!

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Sat, Jan 22 2011 05:00 PM
01/22/2011 - 19:00
01/22/2011 - 21:00

You are tasked with creating a game in two hours that uses both of these sprites in a prominent role:

Ground rules: Minor sprite edits are fine, as long as you don't try to change the identity of the sprites. Also be sure you work both sprites into major roles, preferably on the same frame/screen together at some point in your game. Outside of that, go nuts!

Do it this Saturday on the 22nd, same time as Klik of the Month Klub!

Do eeeet!

You'll probably want to upload the game here when you're done with it.

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0-Giraffe-Walking-0.gif12.98 KB

Games made for Klipart Konundrum!


Hmm. Lair of the Pagiraffe.

Lair of the Pagiraffe.

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oh shit this is epic this

oh shit

this is epic

this SATURDAY already. its like a monster truck commercial

epic. i think i am in. i mean i seriously want to make a game based on THE KILLING OF SATAN / because it looks hilarious and I already drew Satan and the main actor but man
a giraffe and some weird guy. i should really join this!

Nevermind, the game I had in

Nevermind, the game I had in mind isn't going to work...
Maybe next time. ;-)

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Your giraffe .GIF turned out better than mine.

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I used KNPExtract to grab

I used KNPExtract to grab all the sprites from the Klik & Play libraries.

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Well those would be awesome

Well those would be awesome to have, are they posted or archived anywhere?
Yes I realise I could download and install KnP and KnPUtil, and rip them myself, but that is a lot of wasted effort if they're just sitting in a folder on the site somewhere already.

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Here you go. I don't like

Here you go.

I don't like the way knpextract does PNG transparency... I might need to extract the graphics again. The GIFs are fine though.

KnPExtractedLibs.zip16.45 MB
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"Contains: 6,699

"Contains: 6,699 Files"
Beautiful, beautiful potential.

Thank you :D