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I know we just repost almost everything from, but this is really worthy of inclusion here.

FF7NES is a nearly-complete reproduction of the plot, characters, and gameplay from FFVII for the NES. I'm not even a fan of the FF games, and I appreciate the work that went into this. The writeup on this details fascinating facts about the game, such as it's original (that is to say, remarkably non-stolen) game engine, advanced font system, complex coding structure, and outright hilarious reproduction of lavish 3D rendered cutscenes as two frames of a single sprite.

I have to say I'm amazed. I can't believe this is an actual, physical NES cart! Anybody know of any other reductions of post-8bit games into their simplest elements?

Or does anybody want to try reducing games like this?

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Hey, I didn't post Shit

Hey, I didn't post Shit Game.

Pirate Famicom fighting games come to mind. Also the GBC Daikatana port. And pretty much any arcade-to-8-bit-console port ever.

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I'm going to mention my

I'm going to mention my games that are so similar to Outrun and Afterburner they could be mistaken for demakes. Possibly in the realms of Hong Kong pirated game demakes due to how they are badly done but can be considered as technical marvels due to the 'how the hell did they manage to do that?'-ness of them. Though it's pretty easy to suss out how I went about it which detracts from the technical marvel side of the whole thing.

I suppose I need to mention

I suppose I need to mention that before this there was a similar demake for Final Fantasy X. That one might've been even more impressive in its recreation of the sphere grid system.

I could also mention the Flash version of Portal which turns it into a 2D single-screen platformer. It's not a total demake, though, because it adds more elements to the game.

I bet a demake of 2D Portal would be entirely possible in Klik 'n Play. Hmm...

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It's too bad that Protal

It's too bad that Protal never went anywhere.

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Yeah, shame, but

If anyone wants to take the torch they are welcome to.

Oh wow. Yeah. I must've

Oh wow. Yeah.

I must've seen that before, because that is exactly what I was thinking. I certainly didn't remember it, though.

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GTA and Zelda are 3D series

GTA and Zelda are 3D series games that go backwards easily, because in some ways they aren't too distant from their 2D ancestors.

(There was that Grandtheftendo thing, right? seemed pretty ambitious!)

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Speaking of Grand Theft Nintendo...

The people/companie(s) who made the guy cancel that game should apologize and let the guy release the game. It was extremely rude and unjust for them to do that. That, and it would probably be amazing to play.

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Googling tells me it's a

Googling tells me it's a pirate NES cart, not a Gameboy port as I originally thought. At first I thought, what a strange thing to port, but then that same Google search brought me here:

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While we're on the subject

While we're on the subject of crazy pirate carts:

(via Insert Credit)

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