Have at you!

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Are you responsible for

Are you responsible for these awesome sprites / animations? If so, they are awesome! It seems like it will be pretty fun to play, too.

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When you get them really

When you get them really close together and then make them frantically move left and right, it looks like they're having a tug of war!

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Even funnier, if you rapidly

Even funnier, if you rapidly mash directions you can bust out some crazy moves.

And I did all the sprites and animations, the game required the duelists to twirl their mustaches and snarl in a certain way and I thought that it would be easier to do it myself rather than try and explain it to someone else. And, hey, segmented animation is always good for a laugh.

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You can score points now which means that it's an actual game!

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The game is "finished",

The game is "finished", updated top post.