Fissure of Reality


Mac and Windows executables included!

This is a first-person dungeon game. Navigate the maze using the Up key to move forward, and the Left and Right keys to turn. Your compass needle points toward north. As you approach the location of the fissure, the needle will waver. The closer you get, the more the needle will swing. When you are on top of the fissure, the needle will behave strangely. Then, press Enter to open the fissure.

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wow this is actually pretty

wow this is actually pretty good but also confusing as hell.

i walked around for ages and my needle also went insane and i would often just press enter just hoping i would finally get it. maybe you should place something graphical at where you need to be going like put a treasure or just a black square at the destination so you know you have made it instead of letting me press ENTER like a retard after every step when i think my needle is freaking out like crazy.

still fun game.

seriously there is that one dead end where it freaks out like hell but still nothing happens if i hit enter and if i either go left or right i dont end up at the end hmm

bugs me now.

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Cute This is one of the


This is one of the first times in a while I really tried to keep a map in my head. the hotter/colder bit actually was very motivating, and I worked out which way to go. Not bad!