You Were Always on my Lobster

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Posting early... like usual. I decided to make a game about lobsters. Fly with the mouse and don't hit the walls of the vortex.

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This is a tough game!

This is a tough game! Especially at first.

It reminds me of sfcave.

I liked the parallax scrolling and character select was a very nice touch...

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First time I saw this, I

First time I saw this, I read the title as, "You Were Always my Lobster," and I thought it was some weird satire on romanticism or love/friendship stories and the like.

So many people forget that Klik & Play automatically destroys any objects that move too far out of the playfield, so folks on really large screens can't move the mouse too far out of the window or else lose the ability to control the game.

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That's some slick

That's some slick parallaxing right there.