Raiding Space Mission Base

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All I got done is a one-screen prototype. The final thing would involve a multi-screen base that you disable, then enter inside.

There are three shot sizes. When shots of the same size collide they create a bigger shot.

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I like how this mechanic

I like how this mechanic makes both spreading shots or staying in the same direction both valid choices.

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Oh, yes! That's a good

Oh, yes! That's a good conclusion. Perhaps I'll make the level 3 shot able to kill a few ships before it gets destroyed to build on that.

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the racing car mechanic

the racing car mechanic works surprisingly well in this!

Didn't quite get the shot thing. But I liked how sometimes it felt like you were using the enemies as weapon enhancers

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The medium level shots seem

The medium level shots seem to get destroyed before they become obvious. Does that help/explain anything?

Ideally different level shots will effect the environment differently. At the moment the biggest ones just break the 'shields' as a test.

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Too many cork popping

Too many cork popping noises! Aaaaah! First time running this, it actually triggered the TGF sound/timing glitch!

I like how mashing Shift causes the shots to become larger. Interesting mechanic, though I feel like I need to do too much work to build up enough power to destroy those blocks.