The Improved Trainwreck Idea Generator

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Generates trainwreck ideas. You can add new ideas by editing the .txt files in the "data" directory.

Based on EffBee's generator.

EDIT: Usage;
1. Install Python.
2. Extract the generator to a suitable folder.
3. Start the command line, go to the folder, and type
4. Go make a trainwreck!

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An event


Actually this looks really good

G99d job. I think you should post some stuff like examples of the output though, i mean no spoilery and all. Maybe include a binary. I understand your ulterior motive is to get people excited about Python but a quick link to it or something. or consult someone who really knows and is passionate about PY and commission them to hype us about it. It looks de3p 3 though. dee33edp 3333333333 GJ 1000000?/10