Dance Dance Dance

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OK, so the first time I played this delightful physics-based beat-matching Flash game, I couldn't stop giggling to myself. Tying your keypresses to the strings of a retarded viking marionette is a stroke of genius.

Then I read the bottom of the page, which says "Press Caps Lock during play to utilize the physics engine to its full potential."

Holy shit yes. Best hotkey since "Hit C to smoke a cigarette".

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Using ragdoll reactions in a

Using ragdoll reactions in a rhythm game is unique, but I'm guessing you were at because of the recent coverage of their new game You Have to Burn the Rope. As amusing as the game is, I can't help but see the game as a spiritual successor to an older game from direct KnP lineage. Of course I'm talking about The Adventures of the Retarded Goat. Once you've played both games, the connection will become obvious. Then again, you could probably trace the roots further back, to Pick up the Phone Booth and Die.

2D concept games are gaining a lot of attention these days. It's less about tech or polish, and more about the ideas behind it. And stuff like KnP should be at the forefront, giving everybody a chance to have a voice through a set of rules for interaction. Trainwrecks are going to push this medium forwards, even while we revel in the silliness and ephemeral nature of simple old-school games.

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Did you ever play Pick Up

Did you ever play Pick Up The Phone And Die from the Pirate Kart?

I tried out The Adventures of the Retarded Goat, and I couldn't make the friggin' goat move. Stupid retarded goat! Then I figured out that it was set up for joystick control. I can't decide which version I like better.