thurs day

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A brief history of video games! Use the arrow keys to do stuff.

Graphics mostly stolen from MYLONELYDAYS.COM. (Defunct!)
Sounds entirely stolen from James.

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holy buttcracks: having

holy buttcracks: having windows x64 on my only non-broken windowsing pc, yours is the only game i can play!

knp will soon go the way of the saber toothed tiger and its lesser known relative the "legged radish"

also it rules

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i love the graphics

i love the graphics

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Thanks, I did do some of

Thanks, I did do some of them... you can probably see which graphics I 'borrowed' if you browse through the site I linked.

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I added you as a tag because

I added you as a tag because the ending is once again an attempt to reproduce the Silly Family ending.

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Blue Spinners in the Moon

Blue Spinners in the Moon should also be playable, by the way!

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The printed textures are

The printed textures are really pleasant and match the low bit-rate sound well. They feel flat like a print you would make with something textured which is way different than them feeling like 3d textures themselves. I found myself seeing the game as a journal of the most memorable moment of each day from half of a week. I thought it was interesting that Mon day was the only day that requires interaction (and just one moment of action). All the other days just require me to be there. I had to restart the game when I avoided the interaction on Wednes day; so I actually felt like I had to be there.