Portal Two-Dimensional


In the spirit of the advent of Portal 2, which was released a few minutes ago in the future, here is a two-dimensional version of the game. The story is different, and so are the puzzles.

I tried to make as many levels as I could in the time limit. There are 10 of them.

Z - Push against ground, thus forcing self upward as per Newton's third law.
Arrows - Impart motion upon self, or, conversely, aim the object held in hand (if any).
X - ???
C - ???

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This is pretty impressive-I

This is pretty impressive-I don't have the time to give it the attention it deserves, but a lot went into it...
i like some of the text of the people. leaving the soul behind during teleprtation is a serious issue. or at least a fun thought experiment...

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It's definitely worth

It's definitely worth playing through to the end.

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Holy shit. Your games are

Holy shit.

Your games are always so polished and complete-feeling. These wonderful games just appear on the site, fully formed, as if by magic! Someday I'd like to hear about your workflow when you sit down to do KotMK. I mean, I have to assume that you didn't implement portal physics AND [mechanic spoiler] AND design ten levels AND make Deeps in two hours.

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Solid puzzling! The failed

Solid puzzling! The failed experiment tag is quite misleading. Giving the portals opposite polarity feels like a rather interesting twist. The [mechanic redacted] feels a bit too powerful, though, especially on the last level.

Source code


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