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This is a brief examination of the idea that Metroid II's unique ratio of player-character size to screen size is the key to its sinister, ominous mood.

Pilot the robot through the cavern of ceaseless horrors. Jump carefully to avoid the spikes.

Z - Jump
Left arrow - Trundle left
Right arrow - Trundle right

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This form factor was

This form factor was especially prevalent in some ports to gameboy, like Mega Man, and the Mario: 6 Gold Coins...

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A lot of early Sonic

A lot of early Sonic fangames were like this, too. 320x200 screen size, but the Platform Movement was set to be _ridiculously_ fast (you had to, otherwise the Running animation wouldn't play).

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I like the art style... I can't get past the 2nd switchback though, I keep dying on the spikes.

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I kept making up my own

I kept making up my own sound effects as I played this.
usually "OW!"

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Your games are great, but I

Your games are great, but I tend to die repeatedly and barely ever reach the end (this game's no exception). I wish this weren't the case.

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F5 and F6 are your

F5 and F6 are your friend.

Oh, wait, damn. I said that out loud. Now L will remove the ability to use those keys in all of his future games.

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Hooray, I reached the end

Hooray, I reached the end thanks to your comment!

It's a shame that doesn't work for Aorta of Time...

Not being

able to beat Aorta of Time is actually a good thing.