Portal 2 ARG: The Videogame

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Are YOU a nerd? Do YOU want to perform repetitive time-consuming tasks in order to feel like you're part of some kind of community 'happening'? Can YOU think of nothing better to do with your time than to stress over whether a game that has taken 4 years to make will be released this week or next week? You should probably go and take part in the Portal 2 ARG!

But what's that you say? You don't own any of the games? Your internet connection is unreliable? You hate real-world metagames and only engage in play within videogames? Well I have good news for you: the Portal 2 ARG has now been adapted into a HOME VIDEOGAME!

WATCH as a status bar gradually ticks down to the game's release date!
CLICK on potatos (haha! HOW WHIMSICAL!) to hasten the bar's progress!
ASK yourself why you bothered this time next week when you could have finished the game anyway!

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Two other points

1) I completed the game and then thought "Hmm, isn't this really pointless?" and then remembered the subject of the game and deemed it a success.

2) The time bar stuff is affected by your system clock and the game will get shorter as Portal 2's release draws closer! If you try to play the game next month, you will see a blue screen of death.

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I found this silly and

I found this silly and funny, whereas the ARG I only found patronizing and boring!

So yay?