Happy Fourth Birthday, Glorious Trainwrecks Dot Com!

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Hey, so guess what happened four years ago today? THIS SITE CAME INTO EXISTENCE IS WHAT. This is a thread to celebrate!


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wow i thought this site was

wow i thought this site was older than that!

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The new spam filter has this

The new spam filter has this "quality" number between 0 and 1 that I can look at in the logs that doesn't appear to have any bearing on whether or not it thinks the post is spam. I've seen posts that it correctly tagged as spam as having 0.58 quality, and posts that it was sure were okay at 0.42 quality.

It marked this post as having a quality score of 0.01 and I must say I disagree with its editorializing

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We need to reprogram the

We need to reprogram the spam filter to add 0.99 points to the quality score of a post for every Web 1.0 animated GIF it contains.

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I'm counting the days

Our baby is growing up. Only 14 years left before we can take it to the pub and sponge drinks off it.

I need to find the time to

I need to find the time to make trainwrecks more often. Anyway, a very happy birthday Glorious Trinwrecks!

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Have a very merry

Have a very merry unbirthday, Glorious Trainwrecks!

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a cake



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yay love all the pictures

love all the pictures and great cake game. the cake isnt even a lie (oh dear portal...)

anyways even though its a super late reply its super cool of you to turn 4, glorious trainwrecks

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That's awesome. Man, you

That's awesome. Man, you always give me this strange craving for making fun experimental science-y widget games and toys and such. Thing is, I don't have any experience with Java or Processing programming. I wonder if there are any similar type frameworks for other languages?

Oh, and cross-platform runtime? Friggin' finally.

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Y'know, I think my past

Y'know, I think my past years of KotMKs, along with a general getting older / getting into less self-centric romantic relationships (and the accompanying less time to sink into playing long games) has taught me that "experimental science-y widget games and toys and such" are about 80% of why I'm interested in games at all.

As a medium, I think it's one of the places where video games stands out... other mediums might be a bit better at telling a narrative story, and real life sports and games like darts or chess might be better at providing challenge and a meaningful sense of competition and accomplishment, but games are the place where we can make and interact with a new environment. (Though games are probably much better at providing a satisfying but fake-y sense of challenge and accomplishment, which is kind of what "Reality is Broken" is all about.)

Dunno much about other platforms, alas. In some ways Processing doesn't provide all that much, just a timing loop and a way of drawing squares and triangles and lines and graphics if I wanted, and basics for math and key and mouse processing -- almost any platform gives you that I think... the difference is with programming I can (and in Processing sort of have to!) do stuff from scratch, since I don't get basic stuff like sprites and physics and gravity for free... and Processing lets me tap into my Java history (though that's very similar to C and Javascript and all those)

So in the past I've been lazy about including the Mac and Linux versions... and worried about the file size if I simply bundled 'em all together.