CGA Quest

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CGA Quest is my entry into the 11th Ludum Dare 48-hour programming competiton. The theme was "minimalist", so I went with a hideous 4-colour aesthetic and glorious 1-channel PC speaker sound. Overall, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. I also used this incredible 48-hour time expanse (a dude can make 23 games in 48 hours, man!) as an excuse to give Game Maker a try, which was pretty positive overall. Game Maker and I, we'll be spending more time together in the future.

Anyway, I'm very interested in your feedback. Was it actually interesting figuring out what you had to do? Did the strict timing requirements drive you to quit in frustration? Isn't that ending a total letdown?

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This is a pretty nifty

This is a pretty nifty puzzle game. I'm impressed that it was made so quickly... even more that you were using a tool that you were unfamiliar with. :)


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I've always found the black,

I've always found the black, cyan, magenta, grey CGA palette to be a thing of beauty. The other CGA palette however...

If you wanted to go for a true hideous visual style you should have used the black, green, red and brown palette instead.

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Not bad! I was stuck on the

Not bad! I was stuck on the last level for a while until I realized I could move diagonally.