knp custom platform engine?

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Recently joined up in the hopes of getting some help with the glorious knp engine and hopefully take part in future competition!
Now I need some help with creating a custom platform movement, anybody have some tips?

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I did it years ago in TGF

I did it many, many years ago in TGF when I was, like, 12. Probably wouldn't be hard to do it again in KNP, though the lack of negated events (easy workaround for that... kinda) and background overlap (you can have active overlap and background collide, though) will make things interesting.

We do have a few other KNP gearheads here as well: snapman, mojofltr, and qrleon (though he spends most of his efforts on creating silly games rather than anything that could possibly be passed off as non-ironic). As for myself, these days I prefer using MMF2 rather than KNP simply because it's less painful to use (that, and I'm on AMD64 arch).

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Thanks for the reply! What

Thanks for the reply!

What is the easy workaround for negating events? I have mmf2 too, but sometimes it's more fun to work with limitations.
I'll keep at it though and see if I can solve it.

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Place an Always event at the

Place an Always event at the top that sets the value of some counter or alterable value to 0. When some condition happens that you want to invalidate some action, set the value to 1. Then compare this value down the line.

Remember that the logical equivalent of negating a string of ANDs is a string of NOT ORs. Thus, if you have an event where you want to simulate multiple negated conditions, you should give each of these their own event line when you test for invalidation.

Hopefully that will kind of give you an idea.

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That doesn't seem to work, I

That doesn't seem to work, I don't know why though because I guess it should.

But I redid it with active objects instead so I could use the overlap event. It's attached if anyone cares :)

Thanks for all the help!

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I played with your .gam file

I played with your .gam file a little bit this morning:

(I finally installed VirtualBox and an older copy of Windows so I can use knp again.)

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Sweet, a little harder to

Sweet, a little harder to control, but nice to see that you can do this kind of stuff in knp.