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Oh my god this blog why did no one tell me about this guy until now! Illustrated wonderful terrible game ideas, every day. I think it was this Hansel and Gretel-theme game entitled "And You Shall Know Us By The Trail Of Bread" that did it for me.

Oh, okay, nope, it was this The Shining-themed kart racer.

I want to make all of these games.

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This site is amazing.

This site is amazing.

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This is pure genious, I

This is pure genious, I wonder how he can keep this up.

Do you think he would be okay with someone else making these games?

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Just discovered the tag

Just discovered the tag TheBoysIdea, which is basically the Axe Cop of game design document blogs. Super Spacemen Fight The Bad Octopus Baddie is particularly amazing; I am totally stealing "Blue robots appear* if you win, red if you lose" for KotMK tomorrow.

* from everywhere.

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I'd love to make a game out

I'd love to make a game out of that Mr. Crow idea.

Actually, I think a Hansel and Gretel game already exists. There was a demo for one on... oh gosh, my 1996 computer (back when everyone was caught up in the MULTIMEDIA CRAZE). Supposedly it was an interactive storybook AND action game all in one! Sadly, the demo consisted only of a logo intro ("Hansel, where are you?" *evil witch laugh*), a short animation of the woodcutter walking through the forest (which I assume to be the first page of the interactive storybook) and an end advertisement to get you to buy the program.