Rapture? I Hardly Know Her!

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Yet another snakey avoidey game from me. Came out playing rather differently from the others, and is pretty fun, I think.

No intentional religious metaphors, but such things are easy to find anyway if you look.

Game rules:

  • arrow keys to steer
  • touch the angry-looking guys and you lose
  • earn points by being near the bluish and greenish guys
  • they go faster once they've been near you
  • like-color guys bounce off each other
  • different-colored guys will annihilate each other if they touch
  • game speeds up over time
  • the higher your score, the faster guys spawn
  • herd them around, trying to keep lots of them alive and stay near them so you get points faster!

The various versions:

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This is a bizarre game with

This is a bizarre game with an even weirder title. Where does the title come from, anyway?

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The title is a play on

The title is a play on words. The joke would go as such -

Person A uses the word "Rapture".

Person B replies "Rapture? I hardly know her!"

Person B is factitiously pretending that he misconstrued "Rapture" to be "Rapt her", a nonsense word assumed to be a verb of some sort. Person B is pretending that person A suggested some manner of lewd act and is responding with mock shock.

This joke could be used with any word that sounds like it ends in "her", such as "Beaver" or "Supercollider".