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Going to check this out, it looks like the kind of thing that we would all be into.

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first impressions

It... it has a co-developer buddylist for sharing design responsibilities, complete with live chat and resource pools????

And... a marketplace... for buying art and music assets...?

Hm. This is intriguing with just the slightest tinge of suspicion. Pretty amazing that the tool is free, but I'd like to know more about their plans for a business model. What part of the finished product do you still retain rights to? Do they take a cut of kongregate revenue or asset sales? At least it sounds perfect for ridiculous collaborative game jamming, which is all that really matters.

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I am also super-interested

I am also super-interested in the collaborative aspects, though I haven't quite figured out how they work. Anyway, my Stencyl username is SpindleyQ. ADD MEEEE. We will jam.

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Huh, so they're making the

Huh, so they're making the rounds again? First time I heard of Stencyl, it created Java-based games and was advertised as having special kits you could download and use to make your own Mario clones and other weird things like that. Now, it looks... different.

Their webmaster sucks, or at least their web marketing team or whatever. They had me there for a second when they advertised Windows + Mac support with no mention of Linux until I checked the forums to find out that it apparently _does_ have a Linux version. I should never have to do a forum search to check OS compatibility. State all compatible operating systems or GTFO.

Also, why do I have to sign up for an account just to download a free program? Lame.

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I just downloaded this.

I just downloaded this. Haven't checked it out yet, but it looks pretty cool. My name on it is strawng if you guys want to social network me or whatever.

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A bit like discovering KnP all over again

It's really nice to use. Verdict: Sunny with a chance for more trainwrecks.

Okay, a bit more...
The tutorial is a tutorial that is actually easy to understand or so I found. Everything is organised into categories so your stuff is easy to locate. It's entirely drag and drop but there's a "Preview Code" tab that lets you see how it all fits together. Educational! Shame you can't edit that, it would probably speed things up a tad. What a shame! All of these colours vex me though, game design isn't meant to be fun, kids on the lawn again, bah. Agnes, get my waving stick! Resource packs are a very good idea and there's enough free stuff available that you can Frankenstein together even quicker than you can in KnP. Zoiks! If you're using Construct, Multimedia Fusion Whatever or Game Maker I wouldn't give up on using those but for the KnP and TGF crowd jump right in because it's like the next best thing and since it's Flash people who don't use Windows can actually play your games which alone is enough to recommend it.

EDIT: Apparently you can edit code, buggered if I know how to get into that though. Not a shame!
EDIT#2: You can only edit code if you create behaviours using code mode so no editing code for stuff done with drag and drop. Half a shame!
EDIT#3: I should stop doing edits.

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I like colors! Geez! Re:

I like colors! Geez!

Re: "and since it's Flash people who don't use Windows can actually play your games which alone is enough to recommend it."

Kind of sort of half-true, but explicit, native Linux clients are always better than running under Wine (assuming the port wasn't half-assed).

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You can copy and paste the

You can copy and paste the code into a code block, then edit it there? Also, you could copy all of the code and paste it into a new behavior if you really wanted to.

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Just found this

Can't figure out why this seems to be totally uninteresting to everyone in the indie community. It's the only free drag and drop type game maker thingy that makes decent Flash games...that I know of, anyway.

Also, built in Box2D!

If/when I can do another trainwreck, it will be in this. It will also be amazing.

Oh, I am TheCube so add me or whatever dawgz.