Bed Defender

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Here is this game that I made! Enjoy!

Well, obviously, we have a rapist in this game. So y'all need to hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband, cause they rapin' e'rebody out here!

Enter Lincoln Park, where you must hide your family and fight off the waves of rapists that come after them. Literally, waves of rapists! And they come more frequently as the game progresses! This is the worst neighborhood ever...

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It's a bit slow to start

It's a bit slow to start off, but it's an utterly brilliant concept, even if it's based off of an old fad.

Got 2200 on my first go.

Also, since it's a downloadable game, you really should be hosting it on here rather than linking it off-site. Website linking is primarily intended for embedded online games. Otherwise, we want to protect against linkrot.

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Eh, it's not like it was a

Eh, it's not like it was a Glorious Trainwrecks Production done for one of our game jams or anything. I'm happy to have people bring attention to their work without uploading it here.

But yeah, free terrible game archival is a service we offer.

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Getting a real 'Little

Getting a real 'Little Computer People' vibe from the screenshot...

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Little Computer People? You

Little Computer People? You mean like The Sims?

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As in the 1985 computer game

As in the 1985 computer game for the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum among other platforms.

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I interpreted EffBee's

I interpreted EffBee's statement as some sort of bizarre, almost cruel joke, but I'm probably wrong.

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No idea what you're getting

No idea what you're getting at. My logic: Digital people + house = The Sims.

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I've always found it

I've always found it difficult to recognise text-based sarcasm on the Internet, so I sometimes overcompensate. Sorry!

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Wow, I just now realized how

Wow, I just now realized how my comment could have been interpreted as sarcasm.

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Oh wow, so the precursor to

Oh wow, so the precursor to The Sims, basically?

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I guess so. Allegedly, Will

I guess so. Allegedly, Will Wright played the game.

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Yeah, and it also looks

Yeah, and it also looks remarkably like that screenshot.

Apropos of nothing, many years ago I attempted a Little Computer People / Tamagotchi thing for the Palm that I never finished, where the Grim Reaper was just kind of hanging out in his house and you were supposed to keep him fed and happy. Here, I dug up a screenshot from an old archive, just for you.

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Love it.

Love it.