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This game is controlled by moving the mouse and clicking the left mouse button.

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Love the style.

Awesome style - couldn't get through the maze, though :(

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I managed to go left and

I managed to go left and shoot more stuff and the maze seemed to change, but after that I couldn't go left again :O??????

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Couldn't go left again

"Couldn't go left again" sounds like a bug... maybe you just didn't go left far enough?

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BLOOD MAZE is made of BLOOD.

BLOOD MAZE is made of BLOOD. I wonder how that BLOOD got there?

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that was pretty creepy

i like the style and the music. kind of disturbing in a good way. is there any possible way to get through that maze? it looks fairly easy afterwards but the very beginning is the part i cant enter. i just keep on dying. what software did you use?

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If you're having a lot of

If you're having a lot of trouble, Noyb's comment is a good hint. Game Maker is the software used. Thanks for your comments!