Cave Vasion

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You have been lured to this cave deep in the unmapped regions by rumours of noble and famous explorers vanishing inside in search of treasure, never to return. With so many noblemen lost inside, surely something wondrous and dangerous lies - lives? - inside.

You're no stranger to danger, though. In fact, you fancy yourself as danger's best friend, and most evasive foe. You always sensed those blue-blooded braggarts were all puff and no moxie. Now you hope to best them where they failed, and return alive.

Arrows - make a move.
Z - skip a turn.

I managed to make six rooms.
This is of course inspired by Cave Noire, a game by Konami.

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Beat it. Love the flavor

Beat it. Love the flavor text. Very interesting mechanics.

BTW, It's possible to cheat death by holding the arrow keys if a small monster attacks you.

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your avatar matches the

your avatar matches the urgency of your request

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or at least needs not

or at least needs not disabling Game Maker's built-in save/load functions COME ON