Stiupid galaxy

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This is late and made it weeks ago but i hope it makes up for the suckyness of this kotm. no offence to other games i have not even tried playing them yet. (But I DID rent fiddler on the roof, and I WILL watch it! anyway can i have ten thousand dollars?)

title, storyline and gameplay inspired by mario galaxy. in fact it's almost a pixel for pixel remake!

ok that's obviously a lie

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For a visual novel this is pretty dope

I thought this one delved deeper in insight than mario galaxy did, though at the time galaxy 1 had its moments... Had everything but the princess without depth perception.. Course maybe she can secretly can see through the lock of yellow hair. Maybe secretly there's an eyepatch underneath and she's really the mario universe's first pirate princess. I don't know. But I felt something good here, maybe too deep for words. I'd have to check it out one more time just to get an idea of what I'm getting into later. I extracted it into a folder in my tile world directory, just to remind myself not to be such a tile world.