The site is dead. What do we do about it?

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I liked this site. And now it's a zombie.

Let's talk about zombies. Actually, let's talk about zombies riding motorcycles.

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It's not quite a

It's not quite a zombie.
It's not as lively as it was a year or so ago, though...

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What to do about it: Pirate

What to do about it: Pirate Kart III

^ This.

^ This. And ActionPoint 2011.

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i've had the url

i've had the url in my sig on tigsource for like two months, but seems like somehow nobody has taken interest :(
(to be honest, i don't like indie games in general, or at least the direction they're going, but a lot more people there seem to be capable of decent joke games.)

i know one or two semi-retired klikkers and i might try to get them to do this again if the situation calls for it.

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Action Point 2011 is a thing that is going to happen.

But should I schedule it before or after CHAINWRECK II?

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mojofltr and effbee were

mojofltr and effbee were working on some kind of Klik & Play mini golf chainwreck framework that I was really excited about; don't know what's going on with that these days.

Also if anything awesome is to be scheduled within the next month or so, it's not going to be by me, since I've got a huuuuge move coming up. (Anyone here near Ottawa? No? Okay, cool, that's cool.)

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Sane-y golf?

Since I'll be working on some AP effects later today, I'll also try my hand at making an isometric minigolf engine, mostly because I really like Zany Golf, and a top-down view might be a little too easy.

edit: woo, run-on-sentence-posts!

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The number of sudden replies

The sheer number of sudden replies to this post seems to indicate quite the contrary!

I lost track of the Zany Golf thing. The plan was to take mojofltr's mini golf engine, strip some of the stuff out of it, and make it more contributor-friendly. However, I realized that I don't really have a 100% working Klik & Play installation. I was going to address that by setting up a Windows XP VM, but, well, non-OEM XP isn't cheap, and that's sort of where I lost focus. But since I'm actually working a co-op job, I've probably accumulated way more than enough money to just go ahead and purchase a copy.

The other thing that's been bothering me about the Zany Golf thing is that Klik & Play does NOT like stitching frames from different game files together. Last time I attempted it, Klik & Play didn't correctly resolve sound effect references (seriously, who engineered that piece of crap software?!). Actually, I'm surprised it didn't cause the destination game file's structural integrity to totally collapse due to some random bug. I was gonna ask snapman how he did it for the first Chainwreck but again, I lost my focus.

Edit: Working on something super mega epic for KotMK #50.

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stitching method

I've never run into any issues with scene copying between files, but I do use my Windows ME laptop to run KnP, which allows me to do all sorts of cool KnP stuff, like setting the speed of animations. Maybe frame copying is only broken in XP and later?

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i use xp for klikking, never

i use xp for klikking, never had any problems with framecopypastin'

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It was an issue I ran into

It was an issue I ran into when I made Klikin' Play: Holiday Special. I copied the frame from a previous game of mine, El Loco Dumas in Space, and had to fix all the sound references because half of them were pointing to non-existing sounds, while the other half were pointing to the wrong sounds, ones that were being used by other frames.

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Well, the speed sliders

Well, the speed sliders breaking actually kind of makes sense. Their method of theming the sliders was already kinda hackish. Subtle change in the Windows common controls library, and boom, broken callbacks. Or at least, that's my guess.

Frame copying in between files breaking on XP, however, doesn't really make sense. It's an implementation detail that shouldn't actually be dependent on anything inside the Windows API. Also, this really isn't the only instance of Klik products causing weird data corruption. In The Games Factory, there's a somewhat famous bug where on a rare occasion, one of your MIDI files would get corrupted and have its name replaced with 'r'. The only way to fix it was to replace the event action. Also, just by playing around with global objects, I've managed to make The Games Factory cave in on itself. This was with Windows 98, and TGF was a Win32 application (or at least, the 32-bit variant was).

And of course, mojofltr managed to corrupt a Klik & Play game file by creating too many events.

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Eh, I don't think it's dead.

Eh, I don't think it's dead. I'm also fairly sure KotMK #50 will see many more submissions than normal.

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yes but the people replying

yes but the people replying here are just all the regulars. we should bring in some new members that way they'll be all like "WHA?? NOOO! *__o,"

But ... i don't actually know any people outside this forum ... but we should make this site a bit more well known maybe by mentioning on other forums. Or hey is there some temporary ad-swap deal we can do, show another site's banner ads if they show ours kind of thing. or some ill conceived facebook app that steals your organs while you sleep!


I just finished playing

I just finished playing every game in Pirate Kart 2. That's like one game per day.