Gamasutra on "How to Prototype a Game in Under 7 Days"

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Slashdot linked to this article:

Of course, compared to the KotMK, the time is out and out leisurely! Still some interesting thoughts.

Man, I gotta start getting more into the rest of the modern super-indy scene.

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That article makes me want

That article makes me want to start up a 7-day game development shop. Release four games a month -- one game a month for free as a taster -- charge $30 for a 6-month membership, which gets you the entire back catalogue + 26 games, and just crank out weird little videogames for the rest of my life. Bliss!

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reminds me of when I bought

reminds me of when I bought a Cybiko. For a long while they were promising, like, a game a day, and a development kit.

for a while the system seemed to have promise for writing multiplayer games and I bought one but then then main problem came up... i had to know someone else who had a cybiko.