Naked Forest Walk


A nature-walking simulation. Experience the wonders of a simulated outdoor environment, free of the mental clutter of actual productive life. Maybe, by being unencumbered and unclothed both figuratively and literally, you will discover something new about the world that you hadn't noticed until now?

Arrows - walk left and right. You will randomly have epiphanies as you walk.

Hold down the D, R, U and G keys to take the drugs you brought, 'just in case you get bored'.

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"you realise you could have

"you realise you could have just chosen to be happy at various points in your life" OH GOD ITS TRUE

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I love this! My favourite

I love this! My favourite part is how much crappier your epiphanies get after taking the drugs.

I notice that the figure drops slightly upon starting the game. Is there a completely useless physics / gravity / collisions system implemented in this game?

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It just came to my attention

It just came to my attention that not all keyboards can recognise D, R, U and G being simultaneously pressed, so I made this edit of the game that just uses D. Text also became bigger in this version for some reason... Game Maker just decided to do that itself, but we can pretend that's also for accessibility reasons.

Naked Forest Walk Edit.zip1.69 MB
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Why has nobody invented a

Why has nobody invented a keyboard that lets you press an infinite number of keys at once?

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Probably because it's so

Probably because it's so hard to make a keyboard with an infinite number of keys.

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Okay, fine, a keyboard that

Okay, fine, a keyboard that lets you press 105 keys at once.

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i'd like to see a game where

i'd like to see a game where you can only press your 'media' keys to play, unrebindable

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Apparently they totally

Apparently they totally have, they're just expensive to build. Though I guess you run into limits with the USB protocol after a while, so 105 simultaneous keypresses isn't just impractical (as in no one will ever press all 105 keys at once), it's also impossible (as in the thing you built would no longer look like a keyboard to your OS).

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So tempting... then again,

So tempting... then again, I've kind of gotten used to having to briefly release the shift key whenever I want to jump to the right in Spelunky.

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A hard, consistent

Re, USB limit: A hard, consistent eight-keystroke limit really isn't that bad as long as you stick to single player. Take a skilled keyboard player who will probably hit three of the arrow keys at once (due to a lot of directional shifting and what-not) - that leaves up to five action keys that can be pressed - all by the five fingers on the player's left hand. My main beef is that the key combinations that cause ghosting are _inconsistent_ between keyboards. Most keyboards support holding Z + X + C at the same time - mine stupidly does not (and this is supposed to be a "gaming" keyboard too).

The consequence of this inconsistency is coming up with a sane default keyboard mapping that will work across keyboards.