Dark Pong

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"I was thirty seconds in, and I remember remarking in an IM window off to the side that this game was only 'dark' insofar as it was darkening my opinion of it. And then the power went out. Bam, instant three stars."

This is a BIT.TRIP BEAT inspired variant of Pong and/or Breakout. You have no opponent, but the ball obeys gravity and will arc down to you after you knock it upward. There's a second, subtler twist, though, so keep playing to see what it is.

Mouse to move.
Click to place the first ball.
Get the ball to a height of 100 to unlock Hard Mode.

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This gets so tense! I can't

This gets so tense! I can't manage a score higher than 66, so I'm not sure I'll ever see Hard Mode. I love the aesthetic, I want to see this game projected onto a big wall in a dark, crowded room with the music bowel-vibratingly loud.