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"Should you buy this game? Get this: not only does randomly spazzing the mouse all over the place NOT work, it's also free! That's right, even the developer thinks it's not worth money."

This is Finderseek. See if you can find the invisible invader! That's all I can say.

* Frequon Invaders
* This Is The Only Level

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I think I finished it? I got

I think I finished it? I got up to level 10 and it just gives me this error message when I find the invader:

action number 1
of End Step Event
for object o_seeker_dist_pulse:
Error in function log10().

I've uploaded a fix for that

I've uploaded a fix for that crash. Also feel free to report crashes in the form of @ replies to my twitter.

HTML5 version


This version has a slightly harder level 1, but is otherwise identical.