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So, I post here again. Don't ask why, just accept it.

I made something. It's not quite done yet, no sound, shit gfx and one or two bugs I suspect, as well as little balance in the score system, but we have the core of something here.

With this game, you are the little white ship in the bottom of the screen. You have to assemble a war machine for the mighty empire, so that they don't kill your dog or something. But the empire never turns these things off, so as you create it, it's going to shoot at you. Get it? It will make sense when you start playing it, don't worry.

Please be brutal in the comments. I'm not going to learn otherwise. Instructions are in-game.

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needs sounds and probably

needs sounds and probably story on the front page.

i love the idea of building stuff though.

random suggestions:
* sound (like I said)
* a bit of story (like I said).
* maybe some kind of "Katamari Damacy" like evaluation of the resulting war machine
* letting the player pick what turrets to put there?
* more razzmatazz like a little floating number floating up at the point of intersection (ala pac man ghosts being eaten) that shows you what the new part was worth

it would be cool to see two war machines then go head to head, and blast the little T structures (and atached turrets) right off each other.

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This is pretty excellent! It is interesting and I enjoy it.

- I don't see what benefit I get by adding the non-turret T-Sections to the boss. Turrets = more bullets = more points, T-sections = ?? Cooler-looking bosses? More places to put turrets, so that bullets are more spread out? You can't just build towards the finish line if you find yourself in trouble, for example, because it only counts when the original brick crosses the line. The mechanic is great, I just wish it had some more concrete impact on the score.
- There's no way to backpedal if you make the boss too powerful. It's kind of neat that the best way to high scores is to find the edge of your skill level; I started out with an overwhelming number of turrets which gunned me down way too quickly; once I tried only building a few, I was able to survive much longer and get much better scores because of it. Maybe give the player the ability to shoot off turrets?
- It really sucks to not be able to fire more than one thing at a time.