I'm Being Eaten By A Spider Queen (And I Don't Like It One Bit!)


If you've played Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars by Anna Anthropy, you might have wondered: what happens to the captured slaves when our dear Queen walks over them? The obvious answer is that they are abstracted away into a cage offscreen, instantaneously, in the manner of many videogames. The disobvious answer, I decided, is that the Queen uses her spider-venom to shrink them down to a portable size, so she can carry them around freely, as if they were mere diamond gems. This game is based on this assertion to some extent.

This was made under Ludum Dare conditions. I might submit this to that competition.

Also, this is based on a tweet.

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jerking off forever

jerking off forever

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when this is over ar eyou

when this is over ar eyou gonna make mac versions i WANT TO PLAY SO MANY OF THESE

Mac port:

Mac port: http://l.j-factor.com/gamemaker/MacIBEBASQ.zip

I also updated the Windows download with some bugfixes and updated text strings.

I forgot to mention that I was probably partially inspired by the webcomic U.F.O., which covers a similar sort of scenario as this game's.

This particular game has given me a new appreciation for accompanying text. It's given me plenty of ideas for using it in more action-oriented games.

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soon every color of the

soon every color of the beautiful fetish rainbow will be included in the spider-queen mythos

this is really good by the way I like it a lot!! I got the Utterly Terrible Ending but I'm gonna try for some more

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which is the UTTERLY


i've found the wizard of vore and massaging a butthole endings

Spiders don't poop out of

Spiders don't poop out of their spinnerets!

I didn't make any more endings than those, but feel free to consider the # of rescued slaves in the good ending as differing tiers of 'good'.