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This seems like a simple jumping game, but these platforms have some kind of trick to them! Some of them will move, some of them will turn. Watch their colours and don't get caught off-guard.

Here's a bit of trivia: it's taken me 1.5 hours just to upload and write descriptions for my Klik of the Month Klub #50 games. Clearly I have underprepared for this arduous occasion.

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Beaten. I liked this one a

Beaten. I liked this one a lot! Felt I deserved far more confetti at the end, though.

HTML5 version

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Beaten again. Slightly

Beaten again. Slightly disappointed you didn't fix the 'not enough confetti' bug.

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Hey, I noticed you've been

Hey, I noticed you've been randomly adding Mac or HTML5 versions of a few of your games. Is there something that prohibits you from converting all of your games to something more cross-platform? Because I would really love something I could actually use from Linux. This especially applies to games that play lots of sounds, because Game Maker's sound system makes excessive use of Windows Media Player and other arbitrary Windows-only tech that tends to break under Wine.

Tricky Course Unlocked <-- So tricky it may not even work in Windows XP.

Prizeleaper_v2.zip2.32 MB