Rapid Prototyping - KlikShot v0.3

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New version of KlikShot! YAY! As this is a rapid prototype, new versions should be very rapidly released.

With this game, you are the little white ship in the bottom of the screen. You have to assemble a war machine for the mighty empire, so that they don't kill your dog or something. But the empire never turns these things off, so as you create it, it's going to shoot at you. Get it? It will make sense when you start playing it, don't worry.

The main new thing is that when finished, the boss you made is evaluated. Each T Block is worth 10 points, and each stand alone turret is worth 20 points. If you have a lot of turrets groups right next to each other, you don't gain as many points from it. This should encourage players to try to build a framework out of T Blocks and then stick turrets onto it, rather than just shooting turrets at the starting core.

The name is a bad pun, as you shoot parts at the enemy that click together. Also, the product I am using is a Clickteam product, which are normally called "Klik" products.

Please be brutal in the comments. I'm not going to learn otherwise. Instructions are in-game. Keys used are arrow keys, Z and X (all cactus style, yeah!)

The .caa file is the source code, if you have MMF feel free to dick around with it.

Changes from last version are:
Better help at start of game.
Sound effects added.
When the game is finished, the thing you made is checked to give up bonus score. Each T piece is worth 10 points. Turrets are worth 20, unless they are close together in which case each turret after the first is worth 10 points.
Have added little rainbow score things that appear when you gain points. They are needed for anyone to make sense of the above.

PenguinSeph - Game Design, Programming (I used MMF1, but it's still programming. In a way,), "Art"
DrPetter of http://www.cyd.liu.se/~tompe573/hp for making sfxr, which was used to create the sound effects.
Everyone who has commented so far!

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yeah, i think the inplace

yeah, i think the inplace scoring helps, and I like the scan at the end

it somehow seems a little tough to build horizontally.

just a thought, might be tough to code but what if instead of the player moving just left and right it was a circle, with the center being the center of the war machine ? like Gyruss -- maybe full 360, maybe just 180 or some such?

In terms of coding, most of your collision code could stay the same I think, it's just the positioning the player and calculating the launch angle of the parts heading towards the center.