thoughts on development

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I'm thinking about what platform I want to code on.

I think Processing has been pretty good to me, and I might stick with it... it lets me use my Java mojo, I've figured out how to do sounds, it can embed in a webpage and make standalone downloads, it has some 3D primitive stuff going on, it's kind of artsy.

The downside is it has a big footprint, in terms of download size and processing power, and its 3D is pretty rudimentary, plus I have to code a lot myself, though I'm slowly making progress on some simple engines.

I prefer to be conservative in picking up toolkits (which is a bit of a handicap my professional life shares as well)

So, criteria would be:
* should be embeddable in a browser ... I think downloads are a big handicap for people tooling around with your game
* I'd like to find some kind of 2D and/or 3D physics engine

Any thoughts? I'm taking a 2 part Flash introduction class, just to try and get a feel if that's something I want to get into. I think of the games at -- but then again, that clearly has a TON of love in the A/V department that my games likely will lack

I was considering pygame, especially since professinally I think cementing my python skills would be a good thing, but I don't think that's embeddable.


In general I think I keep meaning to get more into the online indy game community, tigsource and all that stuff. And I have a hope with my new move reducing my commute to like 25 minutes, I might find it easier to find the time. But even then it's tough to for me to focus when I'm feeling angsty about my chances of making something cool. Also, it's so easy to get jealous when someone grabs an idea I've been thinking about, like heat seeking missles and sproingy rope physics.


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I've always liked drawing in

I've always liked drawing in Flash (I've been a dabbler since Flash 2.0!), but I've always had trouble wrapping my head around the scripting model for some reason. I think that's because "graphics" and "movie clips" both used to be allowed to contain animations but maybe don't anymore? Probably my own failing.

Pygame might be quasi-embeddable via flex-pypy, but that's totally experimental.
Anyway, if you can get your Flash mojo going, you'll have way, way more support for game-making. (Shit like this just doesn't exist for Processing, AFAIK.) If you can't, then I say stick with what you know, my own preference for programming polyglottery notwithstanding.

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I'm realizing I'm so not a

I'm realizing I'm so not a fan of polyglottism
I mean I kind of am a polyglot, but really, i just wish one OO-able language had all the rich libraries I dream of...

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Yeah, I've been considering

Yeah, I've been considering throwing something together with Slick myself recently -- but using Clojure rather than straight Java. It doesn't look like Slick has applet support, though, so maybe PulpCore is a better fit.